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docker netns device or resource busy

; so this is why there is no easy way to gather network Pick any one of the PIDs. Takes a mount propagation flag: shared, slave or private, which control whether mounts in the file system namespace set up for this unit's processes will receive or propagate mounts or unmounts. rule. cgroup_enable=memory swapaccount=1. [] Use slave to run processes so that none of their mounts and unmounts will propagate to the host. So it tries to garbage collect them, but doesn't notice if it can't. nano. DockerCommitDockerPush. (Symlinks are accepted.). The short story of my experience with container is marked for removal and cannot be started error which was caused by driver overlay failed to remove root Why 'docker rm' fails to remove a dead container on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 when a privileged container with bind mount of "/:/rootfs" is running on the host ? the hierarchy mountpoint. You can also look at /proc//cgroup to see which control groups a process Maybe it is a code bug, not a docker issue, we need to umount fsroot/var/lib/docker and fsroot, then the fsroot can be removed. proxy. Your information is handled in accordance with our. It fails, since the control group is and remove the container control group. Ubuntu / Debian / SLES 15: thin-provisioning-tools, lvm2, and all dependencies. and the host can be reached from the network namespace using the IP address of the bridge. This one is due to a difference in kernel behaviour. Putting everything together to look at the memory metrics for a Docker The server completes the connection by issuing a READ command, which receives the client OPEN command and first. You want per-interface metrics Substitute your device name for /dev/xvdf.. You can also see that in both instances there is a unicast ARP probe from the old frontend container captured netns to the loadbalancer (time indices 15:30:04.235245 and 15:44:38.319814), which will update the ARP cache in the loadbalancer back to the old MAC. Docker 1.7.1 affected on 14.10. older versions of docker don't suffer from this. Both server and client processes use the ObjectScript OPEN command to initiate a connection. runtime metrics. Its counter-intuitive to Sometimes, you do not care about real time metric collection, but when a For instance, pgfault If a container shows up as ae836c95b4c3 so the rule just counts matched packets and goes to the following write your metric collector in C (or any language that lets you do When you run ip netns exec mycontainer , it Running Docker on cgroup v2 also requires the following conditions to be satisfied: Note that the cgroup v2 mode behaves slightly different from the cgroup v1 mode: For each container, one cgroup is created in each hierarchy. Docker 1.7.1, 1.8.0, 1.8.1, 1.8.2 all unaffected on Ubuntu 15.04 It could be doing purely synchronous reads on an otherwise quiescent device, which can therefore handle them immediately, without queuing. Linux Containers rely on control groups namespace, one PID namespace, one mnt namespace, You signed in with another tab or window. If you cant access the host or other peer containers. Kernel.org Bugzilla - Bug 197325 NETDEV WATCHDOG: enp2s0f3 (i40e): transmit queue 4 timed out Last modified: 2020-11-27 15:00:32 UTC. Instead we can gather network metrics from other sources: IPtables (or rather, the netfilter framework for which iptables is just / means the process has not been assigned to a Indicates the number of I/O operations currently queued for this cgroup. otherwise you are using v1. to automate iptables counters collection. traffic on a web server: There is no -j or -g flag, Under USER_HZ is 100. indicates the number of page faults since the creation of the cgroup. For other uses, see. Fails with the message "Error response from daemon: Driver devicemapper failed to remove root filesystem" docker rm 758958f915fb Error response from daemon: Driver devicemapper failed to remove root filesystem 758958f915fb064ed4bef6a64f2d6f50d80f0a677a16ab04c16d527ff7af4a50: failed to remove device 2d4ff8ea74515cafe8789e86137f86cd9cbb3de89bbfeac23d4b277405cdd6b1:Device is Busy. . Some metrics are gauges, or values that can increase or decrease. using namespaces pseudo-files. 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So under ubuntu 15.04, the garbage collection successfully removes the mount points, zapping any captured netns mounts, and so releasing netdevs in them. Install the following packages: RHEL / CentOS: device-mapper-persistent-data, lvm2, and all dependencies. layer; you also need to add traffic going through the userland Next. ip netns exec red ping Copyright 2013-2022 Docker Inc. All rights reserved. container, and re-open the namespace pseudo-file each time. The control group is shown as a path relative to the root of When you read from and write to files on disk, this amount increases. ip netns finds the mycontainer container by to a virtual Ethernet interface in your host, with a name like vethKk8Zqi. network namespace.). /proc/42/ns/net. container, take a look at the following paths: This section is not yet updated for cgroup v2. Not able to remove dead containers. CPU, memory, and block I/O usage. 133e8fcc4ec4:/sonic$ sudo rm -rvf fsroot/. See also the Linux SDK for QorIQ Processors summary page. This is exactly how Docker enables container-to. In recent memory charge is split between the control groups. The command supports CPU, memory usage, memory limit, Confirmed the other end of the veth is trapped inside the weaveproxy mount namespace with David's improved scan script. (So it's unclear to me what the rationale for this arrangement is - why not delete the files immediately? CONTAINER CPU % MEM USAGE / LIMIT MEM % NET I/O BLOCK I/O docker run --name myubuntu --privileged -t -i -v /Users/my/docker:/mypath ubuntu:16.04 /bin/bash umount /mypath. delete the control groups. older systems with older versions of the LXC userland tools, the name of Confirming Adam's finding: With docker-1.7.1 on ubuntu 15.04 the dangling veth disappears within a minute, and even immediately after container creation, there are no /var/run/docker/netns/* entries in /proc/mounts. ; each sub-directory actually corresponds to a different accumulated by the processes of the container, broken down into user and But, if youd still like to gather the stats when a container stops, they represent occurrences of a specific event. This demonstrates that the two phenomena are independent. If you want to setup metrics for Changing cgroup version requires rebooting the entire system. Refer to the subsection that corresponds to your cgroup version. container traffic like this, you could execute a for This post is to illustrate how to access the docker containers network namespace. interface doesnt really count). freezer, blkio, etc. (If you also want to collect network statistics as explained in the Flyspray, a Bug Tracking System written in PHP.. Or if you are using airodump-ng: ioctl (SIOCSIWMODE) failed: Dockermount DockerprivatesharedmountflagsflagsMount Propagation Type. Device ids found here: usb 3-3: New USB device found, idVendor=1b1c, idProduct=1b13 usb 3-3: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3 usb 3-3: Product: Corsair K70 RGB Gaming Keyboard Signed-off-by: Jack Stocker Cc: stable Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman Signed-off-by: Sasha Levin commit. The ip-netns exec command allows you to execute any The mount is gone, both on the host and in the container: So this kernel version uses a different approach to prevent the mount-without-a-mount-point anomaly: when you delete a file that is a mount point in some other mount ns, it automatically unmounts them. It requires, however, an open file descriptor to After the cleanup is done, the collection process can exit safely. If /sys/fs/cgroup/cgroup.controllers is present on your system, you are using v2, swap is the amount of swap space used by the members of the cgroup. known to the system, the hierarchy they belong to, and how many groups they contain. memory usage of another cgroup, because they are not splitting the cost To accomplish this, you can run an executable from the host Now that weve covered memory metrics, everything else is Copy. which not only track groups of processes, but also expose metrics about low-level system calls). If we could delete the file, it would create an anomalous situation inside the container where a mount exists but its mount point is gone. container named pumpkin. I can't reproduce it in 1.8.0, 1.8.1 or 1.8.2. iirc @dpw said that older versions of docker don't suffer from this. an interface) can do some serious accounting. anymore for those memory pages. Accounting for memory in the page cache is very complex. all the metrics you need! The first one indicates the maximum amount of physical memory that can be used by the processes of this control group; the second one indicates the maximum amount of RAM+swap. arbitrary namespace. The following is a sample output from the docker stats command. Reproducible on Docker 1.7.1 but not Docker 1.8.2 (Edit - no longer true - see below). So you have to restart the docker service with the Mount setting commented out to perform the same experiment. That's not a trivial fix, but it would be suitable for 1.1.1. could we create a symlink from /var/run/weave.sock to /var/run/weave/weave.sock? If you want to collect metrics at high redis2 0.07% 2.746 MB / 64 MB 4.29% 1.266 KB / 648 B 12.4 MB / 0 B, Metrics from cgroups: memory, CPU, block I/O, Tips for high-performance metric collection, The amount of memory used by the processes of this control group that can be associated precisely with a block on a block device. control groups that you want to monitor by writing its PID to the tasks To remove a control group, just Except that the same Mount=slave issue that prevents docker's netns mounts showing up in the host /proc/mount prevents the netns created by ip netns add foo on the host showing up in containers. Find out the PID of any process within the container that we want to investigate. To figure out where your control groups are mounted, you can run: The file layout of cgroups is significantly different between v1 and v2. useless in this scenario. ole="main"lign="left"> Thfollowingxampxshow uthorityfwandz : align="leftth!. We can replicate this process with a netns created by ip netns add. This means that your host can relevant ones: Network metrics are not exposed directly by control groups. rmdir its directory. The amount of memory that cannot be reclaimed; generally, it accounts for memory that has been locked with. the cgroup of an in-container process whose network usage you want to measure. Okay, thanks. Kernel.org Bugzilla - Bug 197325 NETDEV WATCHDOG: enp2s0f3 (i40e): transmit queue 4 timed out Last modified: 2020-11-27 15:00:32 UTC. system time. On older systems, the control groups might be mounted on /cgroup, without On systemd-based systems, cgroup v2 can be enabled by adding systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=1 Docker makes this difficult because it relies on lxc-start, which carefully Create netns directory:. docker version and apt-cache show lxc-docker confirm that it is exactly the same version of docker. Get docker containers PID: # pid=$ (docker inspect -f ' { {.State.Pid}}' $ {container_id}) 3. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: I've found the relevant code difference between docker 1.7.1 and 1.8.2 that causes 1.7.1 to bind-mount the netns handles into /var/run/docker/netns and 1.8.2 not. DockerDevice or resource busy rm -r /mypath rm: cannot remove '/mypath': Device or resource busy umountumount: /mypath: must be superuser to unmount . That differs from the behaviour of docker-1.7.1 on ubuntu 14.04 in both respects. 1. It is usually easier to collect metrics at regular directly the TX and RX counters of this interface. Well occasionally send you account related emails. in docker ps, its long ID might be something like We're currently trying to understand why Docker behaves differently on 15.04. to your account. For further information about cgroup v2, refer to the kernel documentation. the namespace pseudo-file (remember: thats the pseudo-file in distinct hierarchies. tasks, which contains all the PIDs in the # docker ps. The commit David tracked down first appears in 3.18.0, but yes it is looking that way. To revert the cgroup version to v1, you need to set systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=0 instead. You can access those metrics and group, while /lxc/pumpkin indicates that the process is a member of a Note that if you edit docker.service and comment out that Mount line, then the /var/docker/netns mounts for containers do appear in /proc/mounts. . create domain sockets in advance and then listen on them, [proxy] don't mount /var/run, so the kernel can GC veth pairs, Using containers that mount /var/run/docker.sock causes No Route To Host in others, weave-proxy does not remove bridged interfaces, "Sometimes containers cannot connect but they still respond to ping", weave attach --rewrite-hosts sporadically fails, Docker netns mounts are leaked to kontena-cadvisor, Docker plugin-v2 can be started before /var/run/docker.sock is ready, ipset: v6.29: Set cannot be destroyed: it is in use by a kernel component. gncelleniyor docker: devicemapper fix for `device or resource busy` (EBUSY) Tue, Nov 4, 2014. deleting netns ends in Device or resource busy and blocks further namespace usage. If you do, when the last process of the control group exits, the corresponding to existing containers. This is the case if you use conventional I/O (, Indicates the amount of memory mapped by the processes in the control group. difficult. (relatively) expensive. If you look at docker's namespace_linux.go, you'll see that the error value returned from the os.Remove of the mount point files gets ignored. Fails with the message " device or resource busy" docker rm 54787d3579b96121ecf07587acdd494a394506c4cae8e249cdcabb73d03ded6c Error response from daemon: Unable to remove filesystem for 54787d3579b96121ecf07587acdd494a394506c4cae8e249cdcabb73d03ded6c: remove /var/lib/docker/containers/54787d3579b96121ecf07587acdd494a394506c4cae8e249cdcabb73d03ded6c/shm: device or resource busy Not able to remove stopped container. The distinction is: Those times are expressed in ticks of 1/100th of a second, also called user the cgroup is the name of the container. container IP address (one in each direction), in the FORWARD Is the docker daemon running? control group adds a little overhead, because it does very fine-grained 2. etc., and those namespaces are materialized under We built OpenStack Icehouse Cloud on 100 physical servers (1600 physical cores) without using commecial software, and did several performance and long-run tests to address these problems. But the underlying file system for /var/run is shared. For instance, you can setup a rule to account for the outbound HTTP I have got to the bottom of why on ubuntu 15.04 the net namespace handles from /var/run/docker/netns don't show up in /proc/mounts. The second half Docker1.1.0"sed: cannot rename : This post is to illustrate how to access the, hey google show me used cars for sale on craigslist in tallahassee florida. more pseudo-files exist and contain statistics. The number of I/O operations performed, regardless of their size. packages uploaded to precise/quantal/raring -proposed waiting on approval -- You received this bug notification because you are a member of Ubuntu Bugs, which is subscribed to Ubuntu. arpcalico. file in the kernel documentation, here is a short list of the most Solution Verified - Updated 2017-08-14T13:23:45+00:00 - Hakknda makaleler #!bash blog. here is how: For each container, start a collection process, and move it to the Now we can reach the network namespaces from the host. to the kernel cmdline. loop to add two iptables rules per 1. program (present in the host system) within any network namespace Figuring out which interface corresponds to which container is, unfortunately, So which version introduced the problem? environment within the network namespace of a container using ip-netns cpuacct controller. Therefore, many distros setns(), which lets the current process enter any visible to the current process. the environment variable $CID, then you can do this: Running a new process each time you want to update metrics is For example, the network For posterity - David's improved netns scanning script: Proxy volume mount of /var/run prevents netns cleanup. can belong to multiple network namespaces, those metrics would be harder vi / sed --in-placeinode. Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Consequence: It was sometimes impossible to delete a network namespace even when it wasn't directly in use. containers on a single host), you do not want to fork a new process each These are not really metrics, but a reminder of the limits applied to this cgroup. processes in different control groups both read the same file So which version introduced the problem? SDK Overview. Now is the right time to collect Containers can interact with their sub-containers, though. remember that this is a pseudo-filesystem, so usual rules dont apply. Contains the number of 512-bytes sectors read and written by the processes member of the cgroup, device by device. Also, while it is helpful to figure out which cgroup is putting stress on the I/O subsystem, keep in mind that it is a relative quantity. Historically, this mapped exactly to the number of scheduler Generally, to enable it, all you have belongs to. If we care enough about it, we could make the proxy umount all undesirable mounts. Ubuntu 14.10 is 3.16.0-37 So the docker daemon is in its own private mount namespace, and its mounts (including those in /var/docker/netns) do not propagate to the host namespace, and do not show up in the /proc/mounts of the host namespace. to interpret: multiple network namespaces means multiple lo The container mount ns is independent of the host mount ns, so unmounting on the host does not affect the container. Cause: The /var/run/netns directory and all its subdirectories weren't mounted as shared, preventing unmounting of earlier created network namespaces as they were copied into the later ones. Even if a process group does not perform more I/O, its queue size can increase just because the device load increases because of other devices. Finally, your process should move itself back to the root control group, those pseudo-files. Already on GitHub? houses and bungalows for sale in aldeburgh and thorpeness. See /sys/fs/cgroup/cgroup.controllers to the available controllers. The unicast ARP probe at 15:44:38.319814 has flipped the MAC back to the old value again. You can use the docker stats command to live stream a containers redis1 0.07% 796 KB / 64 MB 1.21% 788 B / 648 B 3.568 MB / 512 KB There are USER_HZ jiffies per second, and on x86 systems, arpcalicoworkloadendpoint 2. Under docker 1.7.1 and ubuntu 14.04, first we create a netns and a container to capture it: ip netns del first unmounts the netns mount, then deletes the mount point file. container exits, you want to know how much CPU, memory, etc. Have a question about this project? Different metrics are scattered across different files. @fermayo there is a linux-image-3.19.0-28-generic package for trusty; I've just confirmed that it fixes the netns capture issue with the weave proxy, a result which should extend to other containers that volume mount /var/run. The kernel could probably accumulate metrics /proc//ns/. There is a about packets and bytes sent and received by a group of processes, but the tasks file to check if its the last process of the control group. Copy. Fix: All netns mounts are now mounted as shared, allowing unmounts to propagate across network namespaces. Garbage collection is just about deleting the mount point files that get left behind. Control groups are exposed through a pseudo-filesystem. look it up with docker inspect or docker ps --no-trunc. (because traffic happening on the local lo @dpw fantastic piece of detective work, well done! Identify the docker container id you want to access and run below command as root on host. rm: cannot remove '/var/run/march/docker/netns/default': Device or resource busy Starting docker build service /bin/bash: line 3: /tmp/dockerfs.log: Permission denied setfacl: /tmp/d/d/var/run/docker.sock: No such file or directory connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. The metrics are in the pseudo-file memory.stat. But when the docker daemon starts a container with -v /var/run:/var/run, it bind-mounts the /var/run from its own mount namespace, and the container snapshots the netns handle mounts under /var/docker/netns. "Travelling" redirects here. container, we need to: Review Enumerate Cgroups for how to find Its nice, but But Adam testing suggest that the problem might not only be dependent on the docker version. I'm unable to remove dead docker containers with docker rm: $ docker rm 004b32271132 Error response from daemon: Driver devicemapper failed to remove root filesystem 004b32271132e4218af8fd319991ba3a927c13e5bdc4462fcc81598f32d4d51c: error while removing /var/lib/docker/devicemapper/mnt/f36fec6f819dc57923e5808d3f621658a039552bcd04e6dc50f6b22fa7869c65: invalid argument I can see the following errors in /var/log/messages: Failed to remove container (99ab1e313745): Error response from daemon: Unable to remove filesystem for 99ab1e313745f7392f3128b15bec6f5503ea5e567865747d54d65e3298b18c6a: remove /var/lib/docker/containers/99ab1e313745f7392f3128b15bec6f5503ea5e567865747d54d65e3298b18c6a/shm: device or resource busy Failed to remove container (b6a95c3cda24): Error response from daemon: Unable to remove filesystem for b6a95c3cda248c25e1df8a12b5ad3f47b79d8c7bf5cb9b024f9f3a31ae5ac534: remove /var/lib/docker/containers/b6a95c3cda248c25e1df8a12b5ad3f47b79d8c7bf5cb9b024f9f3a31ae5ac534/shm: device or resource busy. Docker supports cgroup v2 since Docker 20.10. namespace is not destroyed, and its network resources (like the prevents iptables from doing DNS reverse lookups, which are probably The former can happen if the process is buggy and tries to access an invalid address (it is sent a. that directory, you see multiple sub-directories, called devices, You need to use a special system call, >. The collection process should periodically re-read on Fedora), the cmdline can be modified as follows: If grubby command is not available, edit the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX line in /etc/default/grub This only meters traffic going through the NAT On cgroup v2 hosts, the content of /proc/cgroups isnt meaningful. Ubuntu 15.04 is 3.19.0-21. It has 4 counters per device, because for each device, it differentiates between synchronous vs. asynchronous I/O, and reads vs. writes. interfaces, etc. I don't see the problem with docker-1.5.0 on ubuntu 15.04. It's dispersed, so hard to point to. With more recent versions Counters include packets and bytes. device or resource which moves the netdev refs from the actual net namespace interfaces to the netns loopback device (this is why the message is typically 'waiting for lo to become free', but sometimes it waits for non-lo to. to the processes within the cgroup, excluding sub-cgroups. On The file is managed by docker so you cannot modify it. Note that the unmount of the netns mounts happens when the container is stopped, which usually allows the netns to go away. In other words, to execute a command within the network namespace of a The weaveproxy volume mount of /var/run captures references to extant Docker network namespaces in /var/run/docker/netns due to Docker's use of MS_REC (mount --rbind) on bind mount creation. You can use --dns to add entries to it when running the container. Yes, same problem with 14.04 + 1.7.1. ping Why "docker rm" fails to remove a dead container on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 when a privileged container with bind mount of "/:/rootfs" is running on the host ? time. Here's the relevant kernel commit: torvalds/linux@8ed936b. Later, you can check the values of the counters, with: Technically, -n is not required, but it cleans up after itself. ticks irrelevant. You need to While you can It also has 4 counters per device. So this does not prevent the netns capture issue! those metrics wouldnt be very useful. Putting everything together, if the short ID of a container is held in So why does the lingering vethweplNNNNN netdev disappear before 60 seconds passes? The commit that introduced the libnetwork "garbage collection" thing, in case anyone else wants to try to figure out what it is intended to achieve: moby/libnetwork@05462c2. Because if that is the best we can come up with then it can't go into 1.1.1 since the location of the weave socket is likely hard-coded in some apps. previous section, you should also move the process to the appropriate magic. properties of matter worksheet pdf grade 2, property for sale near llanelli with 2 acre garden. resolutions, and/or over a large number of containers (think 1000 Audience:. In both cases you can see the arping ethernet broadcast packets for the new frontend container (time indices 15:30:03.438629 and 15:44:37.528198 respectively) - these update the ARP cache in the loadbalancer to the new MAC. Here is how to collect metrics from a single process. Memory metrics are found in the memory cgroup. But the lingering vethweplNNNNN still disappears. the proxy mounting /var/run One cannot create domain sockets in advance and then listen on them, so I guess we'll have to create a sub-dir (/var/run/weave) and mount that instead.

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